Our Servers Are Really Fast

To provide stable and efficient performance, WowPress deploys websites at servers that use the most high-quality and modern hardware, which include:
– SSD local disks (no delays, overall top-notch performance)
– Separate physical CPU cores are allocated for every website, and resources allocated to your website are never shared with anything else. (No shared hosting)
– Nginx server is used to deliver high-quality performance for static content files.
– The latest most stable PHP7 is used by default with OP caching enabled.
– Separate MySQL server with an enhanced memory pool size deployed by default. InnoDB engine is always used.
– Memcached deployed as an additional key-value storage with sufficient RAM allotment, used for caching.

After taking into account all these high-quality features, we deliver to you the absolute best of what is available right now in both system software and hardware areas.

We encourage you to stay away from using shared hosting plans since those usually come with an unstable service. Keep in mind that hardware resources are shared throughout all websites, so even if your own website works fine today, there is no guarantee that it’ll continue to do so in the future, especially if a heavy website gets deployed on the same server that you are hosted on.

If you own a commercial website, you will have a much more relaxed experience provided that you steer clear of situations that result in migration burdens.