WordPress Plugin: Fix Media Library

Fix Media Library plugin fixes inconsistency between wp-content/uploads folder and
Fixes corrupted Media Library database records.

Useful when:

* Really old database is used and there are a lot of problems with Media Library found
* New thumbnail sizes are registered
* Some thumbnail sizes are not used anymore (theme change, upgrade), but image files are still exists
* There are Media Library entries present pointing to image files that don’t exist anymore
* Some entries in Media Library don’t show images, while those are present (_wp_attachment_metadata meta field corrupted)
* There are a lot of images in wp-content/uploads folder that are no longer used
* You want to update attachments GUID fields containing old/staging urls

At [WowPress.host](https://wowpress.host/) company we regularly migrate very old databases and clean it up to make sure website using it are running smoothly and fast. Of course those have all different kinds of inconsistencies collected during years or even decades, and Media Library is the most common problematic piece of data here.
That plugin helps to solve most common problems related to Media Library data.

We use a lot of open-source tools in our work, and therefore decided publish our own tools so that those can be used by the community too.

The plugin is completely free. Feel free to download it’s sources or participate here