PageSpeed Insights Score Optimization

PageSpeed Insigts service is known as a fundamental source if your website is assumed as user-friendly and fast enough for search engines.

We know how to reach top results with PageSpeed, for example check our score here.

We provide basic Pagespeed optimizations for your website as a part of our hosting service. That includes:

  • Avoid landing page redirects – correct rewrite rules are set up so that server will not respond with HTTP 301/302 responses and waste your vistiors time and traffic.
  • Leverage Browser Caching – Expiration headers are set for all your static assets so that browsers will be able to cache your content. It’s a win-win situation when it’s configured correctly because visitors will be able to cache your static content locally. Returning visitors will see your pages faster as a result, and web server will be loaded less. Those requests will not even come to the server.
  • Enable compression – gzip compression is a must have now since may compress your HTML or static assets like CSS or Javascript files 10 times. Less bytes tranferred via network – faster content will arrive.
  • Minify CSS / Minify HTML / Minify JavaScript – minification has the same effect as compression but happens at higher level. It’s possible to make content smaller when it’s known which content is it exactly, so different algorithms used for CSS, HTML or Javascript files, and it may be even more effective than generic compression.
  • Reduce server response time – we are able to fit your content response time within boundaries required by PageSpeed as a result of appropriate hardware used, code analysis with appropriate code-level optimizations, and effective caching solutions.

We provide suggestions how to solve remaining problems, or may solve those as an extra service:

  • Optimize images – it’s possible to make images smaller in size and there are a lot of services providing image optimizations.
  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content – when CSS or Javascript files are included at the page – those have to be loaded in order to show your page. It’s often possible to reorganize CSS and Javascript files so that they don’t delay rendering process. This is most complicated issue and solutions are website specific.